Tank. And friends.
Here are tank, repair base and rocket turel.
Tank has 6 personal parametes:
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Range - range of shooting for, gun and chaingan. Rockets are unlimited.
  • Reload - time between shoots.
  • Health - hit points.
  • Armor class - how much armor reduces given damage.
Repair base
Repair base is available from first level and repairs tank (and itself). Repair base can be upgraded after each level.
  • restores tank health. 5 levels.
  • restores tank shield. 3 levels.
  • instand tank health restoring, when base is destroyed. 3 levels.
  • restores own health.
Also, base may have defensing walls, which have own upgrade levels.
Rocket turel
Rocket turel can be given by upgrade after each level, it's absent when game starts. Rockets turel can be upgraded:
  • Number of rockets, up to 3.
  • Speed of rockets.
  • Reloadin level, up to 3.
  • Damage, +20, unlimited.