Version 1.0.4. mines Beware of mines! mines
+ Now mines have new nice upgrade: damage radius. Up to three sizes of unit.
And then: .
Version 1.0.3. Minor update again. Now you can leave game any time, then when you run it again, it will continued from level that you leave the game! Just, when you start again, press:
Also, we change some sizes of some objects.
Version 1.0.2. Minor update. This update contains small graphical improvements. We return back shooting flashes, increase contrast of maps, growing trees up, and so on.
Minor update!
There were some bugs, that allow to play forever, see this picture. The trouble was, when you have a own medikit - you can heal your tank after tank is dead. Yes, resurrect. But against "usual resurrection" this resurrection, just restore your health, but not return you to game back. Anyway, game "thought", that you tank is still alive, and decide, that you take next level. 99th Victory!
Also, there are some good changes except that bugs.
  • When level was about 80th, it's became to be clear, that ability Explosion, when you up this skill to maximum, is near to real nuclear bomb. So, it's fine! But next waves of enemies will attack without barriers... We add special ability to Explosion: ignore walls. Also we shift explosion wave to up.
    Bang: After: Walls are still here...
  • Next good news are: we add rockets to illusions of tank. Also, we correct parameters of illusions to tank. Becase, in 90th level, enemies killed illusion in 1-2 hits... Sad story.
    Ready: Launch: Catch!
First release!
Congratulations! It's happen! :)
Perhaps, DeskTank is so far to be completed, but it's ready to fight! We will improve this game time by time and we'll add new things in this game time after time.
10.jan.2012. Start.
This project has been started as result of test program for new version of graphics engine for desktop applications. It was 09.jan.2010, we draw one small tank and made some small driving engine with mouse. Next day we thought that is good thing and discussed what should be done with it? We decided that it will be tank arcade on windows desktop, between icons. Well, it's nice idea! But problem was that we can't make destruction of icons. So, first we done, was number of walls, which can be destructed by our tank.
And all it over desktop...
12.feb.2012. Partial stop.
Game becames like Battle City...
In this month we completed big work. The reason of stop was like a reason of stop drinking :) We did and we've got all quickly and successfully. So, situation becames... not so good, no sleeping, troubles with work, and so on... But we make so much! We didn't stop it, but after begining of february we limited time for game developing. And of course, all of us understand, that this game is very simple to be complete game... Well...
First thing was system of level, one by one. You complete one level and them go to noext level. Second thing was enemies. We made two types of tanks, one is light and quick, and one is slow and armored. Next we think out Rocket Launcher, it was more serious tank, because it consists of two independent parts: tank + missile. There were a lot of funny moment. Rocket turned when tank turned. It's ok, but when the rocket is on tank and isn't flyning. Rocket, as part of a tnak, exploded when own tank is destroyed... yes-yes, flying rocket too!...
Then we play in what we done and think, that it is too stupid just to fight between wall with enemies... And we thought out: BASE!
But it turned out that it is not good idea that base is main element of game, because enemies rocket launchers kill it quickly... Also we try add enemy base. But our tank can run and kill it quickly too.
Then we decided, that base will just repair our tank(enemy base - enemy tanks), when it's still alive. So, defending of base is good, but is not nessecary. This fact lifts up game to next playing level. Meanwhile, game has some leveling system. It consist of two part: upgrade of tank and upgrade of other things. We added in this period: rocket turel with different upgrades for rockets, base defending rocketproof walls, mines, different levels of tank shield, levels tank health restoring.
1.apr.2012. Stop.
Other important projects.
15.feb.2013. Return.
After all we decided, that we must to complete this project anyway. Every started program must be done. We improved graphics, added one more leveling type, made some sounds. All objects in game are destructable. You can strike out ememy rockets. Walls can be broken piece by piece. You can shoot through holes in walls. So on...
As result, now we have some awesome mix of next games, we got some ideas from:
  • Battle city - base gameplay
  • C&C Generals - tanks state view, remote artillery (first variant of view), rocket launchers, copters, mines.
  • Diablo - leveling, "magic spells"(bomb, rocket storm, illision), cursed rockets, half-damage chance, personal health potions(medikits).
  • Doom/Quake - item/ammo dropping and respawning, railer, weapons switching.
  • Mech warriors - PPS.
  • Dune 2 - rocket turels.
  • King's bounty - bonuses, leveling, shock.
  • Starcraft - illusions.
  • Z - tank head dropping! And sounds.
  • HMM4 - backgrounds, terraforming and colored trees.
And, may be, we forget somethings :)